For all shipments, the SLC for each shipment will be 30 calendar days from date of pick-up of such shipment by us. This policy will be applicable to all shipments shipped by you for delivery on or after 1st August 2019. For the purposes of this policy, ‘you’ refers to the seller and ‘we’ refers to our Courier Partner.

Note: Except for Exceptional Cases, Shipment in scan date (i.e. date when we pick-up the shipment from seller to be delivered to the buyer) is to be considered as day 0 and in the event of any failed delivery of shipment, all such undelivered deliveries will be returned to the seller on or before 10:00 PM on the 30 th day from the date of pick-up.

  1. 1. Exceptions Cases

    This 30 days policy will not be applicable in case of any delay due to any force majeure event or reasons beyond our reasonable control. We will endeavour to provide updated and send prior communication to you regarding delays (if any).

      Delivery of Shipment to Buyer:

      We will attempt to deliver the shipment to the buyer for a maximum of 3 attempts. Note: Number of attempts will be less than three in cases, including without limitation where

      1. Buyer refuses to accept the shipment in 1st or 2nd attempt to deliver the shipment;

      2. Address not found despite 2 attempts to deliver the shipment; or

      3. Buyer asks to hold the shipment for more than 5 days.

      Note: In the event we receive a request from you or the buyer to hold the shipment, we may do so only for a maximum period of 5 days from the date of last attempt to deliver the shipment subject to availability of space in our hub. We may in our sole and absolute discretion accept or decline your or the buyer’s request to hold the shipment. In case we decline your or buyer’s request to hold shipment, we shall consider the same as a RTO and return the shipment to you.

      In certain exceptional scenarios where, the buyer has entered wrong pin code or delivery location is in a non-serviceable zone i.e. where we are not able to delivery due to unforeseen circumstances, those shipments will not be attempted to buyer and the same will be returned back to you.

  3. 2. Returning Shipment to Seller:

    We will attempt shipments within defined SLC*, our executive will bring shipment to your doorstep, please note that we will not repack any shipments at hub and we will return the shipment to you on an ‘as is’ basis i.e. in the same condition as it is received by us from the third-party logistics service providers.

    You or your representatives accepting the delivery of RTO are requested to carefully sign on proof of delivery (“POD”). If you find any shipment to be damaged or tampered with or not in a good condition, please write on POD and get in touch with our customer support. Kindly note below points regarding the delivery of RTO to you:

    1. We will not provide open box delivery to anyone;

    2. Please don’t hold our executive at your place and open shipment in front of him;

    3. Please write on POD while receiving shipment in case the shipment is damaged or tampered with. Please don’t reject receiving of any delivery of RTO if it is attempted within 30 days. If such delivery attempt crosses 30 days after the first attempt, it will be attempted to you again within the next 48 hours. Please ensure you don’t reject receipt of any shipment. Note: If you out rightly reject receiving RTO or if your shop is closed, we will hold your payment for such shipment and we will attempt to deliver such RTO again in next 48 hours. Please take note that we will keep such RTO at the hub for total period of 5 days and we will do a maximum of two attempts to deliver such RTO. However, if you fail to take delivery for such RTO, we will send such RTO to our liquidation centre and we shall not be liable to pay any payment for such RTO.

  5. 3. What are undelivered shipments or RTOs’?

    Despite our reasonable efforts to deliver the shipment, in some cases, there may be a delivery failure for various reasons including without limitation, buyer refuses to take delivery of the shipment, buyer is unavailable at the delivery address to receive the shipment, buyer does not have enough cash to make payment for the shipment, buyer is not reachable at the time of delivery, or requests for future delivery attempts. Such undelivered shipments or returned to origin shipment are called ‘RTO’.

  6. 4. What is SLC (“Shipment Life Cycle”)?

    Shipment Life Cycle starts from date of handover of shipment by seller to our executive for delivery to the buyer. The SLC at present ends at 30 days from the date of such handover of the shipment. The duration of SLC may increase beyond 30 days in the event of any natural calamity, or for reasons beyond our reasonable control (“Exceptional Cases”).

  7. 5. Does the Pick-up Date count as day ‘0’?

    Yes, with this policy day 0 will be when the shipment is picked from you by our executive to be delivered to the buyer.

  8. 6. Who will come and deliver RTO shipment to our place?

    Our executive will come and deliver shipment to your place. Please refuse if, third party logistics come to your place to return the RTO.

  9. 7. Can I redispatch any RTO?

    At present, we are not allowing any redispatch of RTO.

  10. 8. What happens if COURIER PARTNER logistics is not able to send RTO back to me within defined Shipment Life Cycle?

    Except for Exceptional Cases, if you do not receive the RTO within the defined SLC due to reasons solely attributable to us, we will pay you the amount equivalent to the amount you would have received from the buyer in case of successful delivery of such RTO.

    Please note that in case the RTO delivery attempt happened on or before the 30th day where we were unable to deliver the RTO to you due to your unavailability, or where you rejected the delivery of such shipment, we will endeavor on a good faith basis to re-attempt delivery of such RTO and we shall not assume any liability to make payments to you for such RTO. For such re-attempt to deliver the RTO, this RTO policy shall not be applicable.

  11. 9. Will I get Open Box Delivery while receiving RTO?

    We do not provide any Open Box Delivery services for RTO.

  12. 10. Once I receive shipment, and I found shipment to be short/ damage/ different material, how can I initiate claim process and in how much time I can escalate the claim process?

    You are requested to escalate your grievances/ concerns with respect to the RTO within 72 hours post receipt of such RTO. Any grievances/ concerns received from you beyond the aforesaid timeline shall not be entertained by us.

    You are requested to escalate your concerns/ grievances with respect to the RTO directly to our customer support through chat or E-mail. You can contact our customer support through the chat available on we will endeavor that your issue is resolved within 2-3 working days.

    We will ask for images or photographs of damaged shipment which you have received which include outer box image and inner contents.

  13. 11. COURIER PARTNER tried to return my shipment but my shop/ go down/ warehouse was closed. When will the next attempt be made?

    After the first unsuccessful attempt, our executive will reach out to you through call to understand your availability to deliver the RTO. On the basis of the same, we will endeavor to deliver the RTO, within the next 2-3 working days. Note: After the first unsuccessful attempt, we will hold RTO maximum for a period of 5 calendar days in our hub and re-attempt delivery for two (2) more times. Despite such re-attempts if

    we are unable to deliver the RTO, the RTO will be sent to liquidating centre where COURIER PARTNER will liquidate your RTO. We shall not be liable to refund the invoice value for the said shipment or pay any money received from liquidation of such shipment to you.